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Parameters for Distances and Cosmology: Ho= 73.0; Ωmatter = 0.27; Ωvacuum = 0.73;
Derived Quantities use a Redshift corrected to a Reference Frame defined by the 3K CMB

NED results for object [JPB2009] J191.130574+11.18278

1 objects found in NED.    


 Row          Object Name                 EquJ2000.0       Object  Velocity/Redshift    Mag./  Separ.               Number of                                 Row 
 No.     (* => Essential Note)       RA               DEC  Type     km/s       z   Qual Filter arcmin Refs Notes Phot Posn Vel/z Diam Assoc Images   Spectra  No. 
1    [JPB2009] J191.130574+11.18278 12h44m31.3s +11d10m57s *Cl       ...       ...       ...     ...     2     0    3    1     0    0     0 Retrieve Retrieve 1   

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