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Parameters for Distances and Cosmology: Ho= 73.0; Ωmatter = 0.27; Ωvacuum = 0.73;
Derived Quantities use a Redshift corrected to a Reference Frame defined by the 3K CMB

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Redshift-Independent Distances
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ESSENTIAL NOTE for IC 2387 (Back to INDEX)

Object Names Type Object Names Type
IC 2387G GALEXMSC J083833.96+304755.6 UvS
UGC 04511 G IRAS 08354+3058 IrS
CGCG 150-013 G IRAS F08355+3058 IrS
CGCG 0835.5+3058 G UNAM-KIAS 0166 G
MCG +05-21-003 G ASK 281999.0 G
2MASX J08383400+3047554 IrS NSA 156826 G
2MASXi J0838340+304755 IrS PGC 024299 G
2MASS J08383398+3047553 IrS UZC J083834.0+304756 G
SDSS J083833.99+304755.2 G NVSS J083833+304755 RadioS
SDSS J083834.00+304755.2 G [WKJ2013] 04 G
SDSS J083834.00+304755.3 G [TTL2012] 557430 G
GALEXASC J083833.99+304756.0 UvS [CBW2015] BD 04 G

COORDINATES for IC 2387 (Back to INDEX)

Position Reference:2007SDSS6.C...0000:

Reference    Frame     Longitude    Latitude        RA           DEC      Uncertainty Ellipse (arcsec)
                       (degrees)   (degrees)                              Semimajor Semiminor  PA(deg)
Equatorial (B1950.0)  128.872142   30.974827 08h35m29.314s +30d58m29.38s  5.00E-01  5.00E-01    0
Equatorial (J2000.0)  129.641669   30.798684 08h38m34.000s +30d47m55.26s  5.00E-01  5.00E-01    0
Ecliptic   (B1950.0)  123.363508   11.921703                              5.00E-01  5.00E-01    0
Ecliptic   (J2000.0)  124.062824   11.926812                              5.00E-01  5.00E-01    0
Galactic              192.925198   35.306310                              5.00E-01  5.00E-01    0
SuperGalactic          54.558766  -37.249113                              5.00E-01  5.00E-01    0
Additional detailed measurements with references are also available by clicking below:
20 Position data point(s)


7 Distances found in NED View 7 Individual Distance Measurement(s) for IC 2387

Summary Statistics computed by NED from 7 Distance(s) in the literature:
NOTE: These summary statistics are provided for "quick-look" reference only;
they are based exclusively on original values, as published.
No homogenization or corrections have been applied.

IC 2387 Distance Modulus
Metric Distance
Mean 34.88 95.000
Std. Dev. 0.15 6.864
Min. 34.75 89.300
Max. 35.17 108.000
Median 34.79 90.800

TypeAs PublishedNED HomogenizedFlagReference Code
KinematicsHI line widthHI line width...1986AJ.....91..705B
Luminosity Class6.0LC III-IV...1991RC3.9.C...0000d
Galaxy MorphologyScd:Scd?...1991RC3.9.C...0000d
Distance IndicatorTully-FisherTully-Fisher...1997ApJS..109..333W
12 Detailed Classification(s)

Galactic Extinction from the Schlafly & Finkbeiner 2011, Appendix; 2011ApJ...737..103S (SF11) recalibration 
of the Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis 1998, Appendix B; 1998ApJ...500..525S (SFD98) infrared-based dust map.
The map is based on dust emission from COBE/DIRBE and IRAS/ISSA;
the recalibration assumes a Fitzpatrick (1999PASP..111...63F) reddening law with Rv = 3.1 and different source spectrum than SFD98.

L a n d o l tS D S SU K I R T
Filter [µm]U (0.35)B (0.43)V (0.54)R (0.64)I (0.80)u (0.36)g (0.47)r (0.62)i (0.75)z (0.89)J (1.25)H (1.66)K (2.19)L' (3.78)
Aλ [mag]0.1900.1590.1200.0950.0660.1860.1450.1000.0740.0550.0310.0200.0130.007
Show/Hide Aλ magnitudes in all 88 photometric bands based on SF11
For completeness, we include the original SFD98 values:
L a n d o l tS D S SU K I R T
Filter [µm]U (0.34)B (0.44)V (0.54)R (0.65)I (0.81)u (0.35)g (0.49)r (0.63)i (0.78)z (0.93)J (1.27)H (1.67)K (2.22)L' (3.81)
Aλ [mag]0.2390.1900.1460.1180.0850.2270.1670.1210.0920.0650.0400.0250.0160.007

Galactic Extinction based on H I Column Densities and Galaxy Counts
(Burstein & Heiles; 1982AJ.....87.1165B) assuming Rv = 3.1:
AB = 0.110 mag
See Notes on Galactic Extinction for important caveats.

BASIC DATA for IC 2387 (Back to INDEX)
Helio. Radial Velocity     :      7679 +/-       10 km/s      
Redshift                   :  0.025614 +/- 0.000033        1991RC3.9.C...0000d
Major Diameter (arcmin)    :  1.21
Minor Diameter (arcmin)    :  0.58
Magnitude and Filter       : 14.5g
Classifications            : Scd:                

NOTE: This information is indicative only. With the exception of the
      redshift they are unreferenced and highly inhomogeneous as to
      their origin. The Radial Velocity (when available) is computed
      from the listed redshift. The remaining values are designed to
      orient the user with a quick-look, overall assessment of the
      general properties of the object in question. They are not
      averages nor are they standardized in any way.
Additional detailed measurements with references are also available by clicking below:
12 Redshift data point(s)      73 photometric data point(s)      15 Diameter data point(s)      

Calculated and Corrected Velocities
V (Heliocentric)           :    7679 +/-     10 km/s      1991RC3.9.C...0000d
V (Kinematic LSR)          :    7672 +/-     10 km/s      1986MNRAS.221.1023K
V (Galactocentric GSR)     :    7633 +/-     10 km/s      1991RC3.9.C...0000d
V (Local Group)            :    7622 +/-     10 km/s      1996AJ....111..794K
V (3K CMB)                 :    7904 +/-     19 km/s      1996ApJ...473..576F
V (Virgo Infall only)      :    7759 +/-     14 km/s      2000ApJ...529..786M
V (Virgo + GA only)        :    7860 +/-     16 km/s      2000ApJ...529..786M
V (Virgo + GA + Shapley)   :    7894 +/-     16 km/s      2000ApJ...529..786M

Hubble Flow Distance and Distance Modulus (where Ho =   73.0 +/-   5 km/sec/Mpc)
D (Galactocentric GSR)     :   104.6 +/-    7.3 Mpc      (m-M) = 35.10 +/- 0.15 mag
D (Local Group)            :   104.4 +/-    7.3 Mpc      (m-M) = 35.09 +/- 0.15 mag
D (3K CMB)                 :   108.3 +/-    7.6 Mpc      (m-M) = 35.17 +/- 0.15 mag
D (Virgo Infall only)      :   106.3 +/-    7.4 Mpc      (m-M) = 35.13 +/- 0.15 mag
D (Virgo + GA only)        :   107.7 +/-    7.5 Mpc      (m-M) = 35.16 +/- 0.15 mag
D (Virgo + GA + Shapley)   :   108.1 +/-    7.6 Mpc      (m-M) = 35.17 +/- 0.15 mag

Scale at Hubble Flow Distances
Scale (Galactocentric GSR) :     507 pc/arcsec =  0.507 kpc/arcsec =  30.42 kpc/arcmin =   1.83 Mpc/degree
Scale (Local Group)        :     506 pc/arcsec =  0.506 kpc/arcsec =  30.37 kpc/arcmin =   1.82 Mpc/degree
Scale (3K CMB)             :     525 pc/arcsec =  0.525 kpc/arcsec =  31.49 kpc/arcmin =   1.89 Mpc/degree
Scale (Virgo Infall only)  :     515 pc/arcsec =  0.515 kpc/arcsec =  30.92 kpc/arcmin =   1.86 Mpc/degree
Scale (Virgo + GA only)    :     522 pc/arcsec =  0.522 kpc/arcsec =  31.32 kpc/arcmin =   1.88 Mpc/degree
Scale(Virgo + GA + Shapley):     524 pc/arcsec =  0.524 kpc/arcsec =  31.46 kpc/arcmin =   1.89 Mpc/degree

To Search for Nearby Objects (Physical Companions): Enter Your Preferred Values and click on "Submit Environment Search" button
Search for Objects within +/-arcmin where 100 kpc = 3.179 arcmin and Selected Redshift, defined by the Velocity Range: from to km/sec where V(Heliocentric) = 7679 km/sec
Cosmology-Corrected Quantities [Ho = 73.00 km/sec/Mpc, Ωmatter = 0.27, Ωvacuum = 0.73] [Redshift 0.026364 as corrected to the Reference Frame defined by the 3K Microwave Background Radiation] Luminosity Distance : 111 Mpc (m-M) = 35.22 mag Angular-Size Distance : 105 Mpc (m-M) = 35.10 mag Co-Moving Radial Distance : 108 Mpc (m-M) = 35.16 mag Co-Moving Tangential Dist. : 108 Mpc (m-M) = 35.16 mag Co-Moving Volume : 0.00523 Gpc^3 Light Travel-Time : 0.347 Gyr Age at Redshift 0.026364 : 12.952 Gyr Age of Universe : 13.299 Gyr Scale (Cosmology Corrected): 509 pc/arcsec = 0.509 kpc/arcsec = 30.52 kpc/arcmin = 1.83 Mpc/degree Surface Brightness Dimming : Flux Density per Unit Area = 0.90114; Magnitude per Unit Area = 0.113 mag
To change Cosmological Input Parameters for Derived Quantities: Enter Your Preferred Values and click on "Submit Changed Hubble Parameters for this object" button
Correct Redshift To the Reference Frame defined by: as Input for Calculation of the Distances and Cosmology-Corrected Quantities


The brightest flux in each of the following spectral regions, when available:
Gamma-Ray (ν > 2E19 Hz); X-Ray (2E19 Hz > ν > 2E16 Hz); Ultraviolet (2E16 Hz > ν > 9E14 Hz); Visual (9E14 Hz > ν > 3E14 Hz);
Near-Infrared (3E14 Hz > ν > 6E13 Hz); Mid-Infrared (6E13 Hz > ν > 7.5E12 Hz); Far-Infrared (7.5E12 Hz > ν > 1E12 Hz);
Sub-Millimeter (1E12 Hz > ν > 3E11 Hz); Millimeter (3E11 Hz > ν > 3E10 Hz); Radio (3E10 Hz > ν).

Band Apparent Mag or Flux Refcode Absolute Mag or νLν [W] νLν [L(Bolometric)]
UltravioletNUV (GALEX) AB 16.4768 +/- 0.0174559 mag 2012GASC..C...0000S-18.40 +/- 0.14 [mag] 3.38E+09 +/- 1.92E+08
VisualI 12.59 mag 2007ApJS..172..599S-22.29 [mag] 2.50E+10
Near-InfraredH 11.412 +/- 0.052 mag 20032MASX.C.......:-23.47 +/- 0.15 [mag] 1.43E+10 +/- 1.05E+09
Mid-Infrared12 microns (IRAS) <2.201E-01 Jy 1990IRASF.C...0000M < 5.94E+36 [W] < 1.54E+10
Far-Infrared100 microns (IRAS) 1.914E+00 +/- 9 % Jy 1990IRASF.C...0000M 6.19E+36 +/- 6.52E+35 [W] 1.61E+10 +/- 1.69E+09
Radio1.4GHz 8.9 +/- 1.0 milliJy 1998AJ....115.1693C 1.35E+31 +/- 1.68E+30 [W] 3.50E+04 +/- 4.37E+03
NOTE: The above quantities are derived using an estimated Distance Modulus of (34.88 +/- 0.15) mag corresponding to
a Metric Distance of (95.000 +/- 6.864) Mpc using the Average NED-D value.
The quantities quoted above have not necessarily been corrected for foreground extinction, and no K-Corrections have been applied.

View details and SED for 73 Photometric data point(s) available in NED.


The largest diameters in the Visual and Near-Infrared spectral regions, when available:

Passband Apparent Major Axis
(2a) [arcsec]
Apparent Minor Axis
(2b) [arcsec]
Reference Level RefcodePhysical Major Axis
(2a) [kpc]
Physical Minor Axis
(2b) [kpc]
r (SDSS Isophotal) 78.1136.7121 25.0 mag arcsec^-2^ 2005SDSS4.C...0000:35.9816.91
K_s (2MASS "total") 85.4035.8715 Diameter for "total" magnitude 20032MASX.C.......:20032MASX.C.......:39.3316.52
NOTE: Physical diameters are derived using a scale of 0.4606 kpc/arcsec based on Average NED-D Metric Distance of (95.000 +/- 6.864) Mpc.
The quantities quoted above have not necessarily been corrected for foreground extinction.

View details for 15 Diameter data point(s) available in NED.

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2MASS Extended Source Images (JHKs) -- 2MASX J08383400+3047554 NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA)
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Resources for position 08h38m34.0s, +30d47m55s (J2000)Site/Service
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