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Parameters for Distances and Cosmology: Ho= 73.0; Ωmatter = 0.27; Ωvacuum = 0.73;
Derived Quantities use a Redshift corrected to a Reference Frame defined by the 3K CMB

Detailed Information for Object No. 68

INDEX for 2XMM J083430.9-225843
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    Redshift-Independent Distances
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    ESSENTIAL NOTE for 2XMM J083430.9-225843 (Back to INDEX)

    CROSS-IDENTIFICATIONS for 2XMM J083430.9-225843 (Back to INDEX)
    Object Names Type Object Names Type
    2XMM J083430.9-225843XrayS XMMU J083430.98-225843.4 XrayS
    2XMMp J083430.9-225842 XrayS NGC 2613:[LWI2006] 67 XrayS

    COORDINATES for 2XMM J083430.9-225843 (Back to INDEX)

    Position Reference:20102XMM.1.2..0000:

    Reference    Frame     Longitude    Latitude        RA           DEC      Uncertainty Ellipse (arcsec)
                           (degrees)   (degrees)                              Semimajor Semiminor  PA(deg)
    Equatorial (B1950.0)   128.08057   -22.80594  08h32m19.34s  -22d48m21.4s  4.50E+00  4.50E+00    0
    Equatorial (J2000.0)   128.62896   -22.97871  08h34m30.95s  -22d58m43.3s  4.50E+00  4.50E+00    0
    Ecliptic   (B1950.0)   138.02507   -40.11429                              4.50E+00  4.50E+00    0
    Ecliptic   (J2000.0)   138.71911   -40.11042                              4.50E+00  4.50E+00    0
    Galactic               245.51845    10.26560                              4.50E+00  4.50E+00    0
    SuperGalactic          137.58049   -65.46957                              4.50E+00  4.50E+00    0
    Additional detailed measurements with references are also available by clicking below:
    1 Position data point(s)

    REDSHIFT-INDEPENDENT DISTANCES for 2XMM J083430.9-225843 (Back to INDEX)

    CLASSIFICATIONS (TYPES, ATTRIBUTES) for 2XMM J083430.9-225843 (Back to INDEX)

    FOREGROUND GALACTIC EXTINCTION for 2XMM J083430.9-225843 (Back to INDEX)
    Galactic Extinction from the Schlafly & Finkbeiner 2011, Appendix; 2011ApJ...737..103S (SF11) recalibration 
    of the Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis 1998, Appendix B; 1998ApJ...500..525S (SFD98) infrared-based dust map.
    The map is based on dust emission from COBE/DIRBE and IRAS/ISSA;
    the recalibration assumes a Fitzpatrick (1999PASP..111...63F) reddening law with Rv = 3.1 and different source spectrum than SFD98.

    L a n d o l tS D S SU K I R T
    Filter [µm]U (0.35)B (0.43)V (0.54)R (0.64)I (0.80)u (0.36)g (0.47)r (0.62)i (0.75)z (0.89)J (1.25)H (1.66)K (2.19)L' (3.78)
    Aλ [mag]0.4250.3560.2690.2130.1480.4160.3240.2240.1670.1240.0700.0440.0300.015
    Show/Hide Aλ magnitudes in all 88 photometric bands based on SF11
    For completeness, we include the original SFD98 values:
    L a n d o l tS D S SU K I R T
    Filter [µm]U (0.34)B (0.44)V (0.54)R (0.65)I (0.81)u (0.35)g (0.49)r (0.63)i (0.78)z (0.93)J (1.27)H (1.67)K (2.22)L' (3.81)
    Aλ [mag]0.5370.4260.3270.2640.1920.5090.3750.2720.2060.1460.0890.0570.0360.015

    Galactic Extinction based on H I Column Densities and Galaxy Counts
    (Burstein & Heiles; 1982AJ.....87.1165B) assuming Rv = 3.1:
    AB = 0.360 mag
    See Notes on Galactic Extinction for important caveats.

    BASIC DATA for 2XMM J083430.9-225843 (Back to INDEX)
    Description                     :                     
    Log Flux Density (ergs/s/cm^2^) :      
    Passband                        :      
    Spare 4                         :      
    NOTE: This information is indicative only. With the exception of the
          redshift they are unreferenced and highly inhomogeneous as to
          their origin. The Radial Velocity (when available) is computed
          from the listed redshift. The remaining values are designed to
          orient the user with a quick-look, overall assessment of the
          general properties of the object in question. They are not
          averages nor are they standardized in any way.

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    Resources for Object NamesSite/Service
    Query SIMBAD by primary NED object name -- 2XMM J083430.9-225843SIMBAD (CDS, Strasbourg, France)
    Query GALEX (NUV/FUV) Mission Archive (7.2 arcsec search radius) -- 2XMM J083430.9-225843GALEX Mission Data Archive at MAST
    Explore IRSA resources with RADAR (10 arcsec search radius) -- 2XMM J083430.9-225843NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA)
    Resources for position 08h34m30.9s, -22d58m43s (J2000)Site/Service
    Query Optical and UV Mission Archives (Default search radius)Multimission Archive at STScI (MAST)
    Query High Energy Mission Archives (Default search radius)HEASARC (NASA/GSFC)
    Query IRSA for WISE images (10 arcmin search radius)NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA)
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