Output Options

Output Options may be used to format the data returned by a Constrained Object Search. Positions can be output in Equatorial, Ecliptic, Galactic, or Supergalactic coordinates, for Equinox J2000 or B1950. The output list of objects can be sorted by RA or Longitude, Dec or Latitude, Galactic Longitude, Galactic Latitude, or redshift (ascending or descending). Image preview can be enabled or disabled. The default output format is text (ASCII table with Bar Separated Values). Alternate formats may be selected, including various flavors of html, ASCII, and XML VOTABLE. The XML VOTABLE output format may be applied to the following data tables: Main Source Table, Cross-ID Names, Position Data, Basic Data, Derived Values, External Archives and Services, or all of the above. Velocities will be displayed as a lower limit for values >3000 km/s, or as entered in the dialog box. Finally, detailed data will be shown for each object only if the number of objects is fewer than 5 (default), or otherwise as specified.