List of Object Types

Here is the current list of object types used in NED, listed alphabetically (objects within the Milky Way Galaxy have their types preceded by an exclamation point "!"):
* Star or Point Source
** Double star
*Ass Stellar association
*Cl Star cluster
AbLS Absorption line system
Blue* Blue star
C* Carbon star
EmLS Emission line source
EmObj Emission object
exG* Extragalactic star (not a member of an identified galaxy)
Flare*Flare star
G Galaxy
GammaSGamma ray source
GClstrCluster of galaxies
GGroupGroup of galaxies
GPair Galaxy pair
GTrpl Galaxy triple
G_LensLensed image of a galaxy
HII HII region
IrS Infrared source
MCld Molecular cloud
Neb Nebula
Nova Nova
Other Other classification (e.g. comet; plate defect)
PN Planetary nebula
PofG Part of galaxy
Psr Pulsar
QGroupGroup of QSOs
QSO Quasi-stellar object
Q_LensLensed image of a QSO
RadioSRadio source
Red* Red star
RfN Reflection nebula
SN Supernova
SNR Supernova remnant
UvES Ultraviolet excess source
UvS Ultraviolet source
V* Variable star
VisS Visual source
WD* White dwarf
WR* Wolf-Rayet star
XrayS X-ray source
!* Galactic star
!** Galactic double star
!*Ass Galactic star association
!*Cl Galactic Star cluster
!Blue*Galactic blue star
!C* Galactic carbon star
!EmObjGalactic emission line object
!Flar*Galactic flare star
!HII Galactic HII region
!MCld Galactic molecular cloud
!Neb Galactic nebula
!Nova Galactic nova
!PN Galactic planetary nebula
!Psr Galactic pulsar
!RfN Galactic reflection nebula
!Red* Galactic red star
!SN Galactic supernova
!SNR Galactic supernova remnant
!V* Galactic variable star
!WD* Galactic white dwarf
!WR* Galactic Wolf-Rayet star