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   NED object is NGC 5506; Reference is 1981ApJ...247..419U

   FIG. 10. Contour maps of a total of 13 Seyfert and related galaxies. The
 coordinates are for epoch 1950.0, and the half-power beamwidth (HPBW) is shown
 by the shaded ellipse in the lower right-hand corner of each map. Solid
 contours represent positive flux densities and dashed ones represent negative
 values. The cross gives the position of the optical nucleus when known to
 better than 1" (see Table 2). This figure shows NGC 5506 at 4.885 GHz.
 Contour values: -5.7, -2.85, 2.85, 8.5, 11.4, 17.1, 22.8, 34.2, 57, 79.8,
 102.6 mJy (beam area)**(-1). 

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