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   NED object is 3C 405; Reference is 1984MNRAS.210..929L

   Figure 2. Contour maps. In each map a circle of 25-kpc radius is drawn
 around the galaxy centre. Negative contours are shown dashed. For each map we
 list the source name, the peak brightness in Jy per beam; and the contour
 levels in mJy per beam. In the contour lists, an ellipsis (. . .) indicates
 repetition of the same interval. Occasionally the smallest negative contour
 requested was below the map minimum. In these cases, this contour level is
 also listed to indicate thc reliability of the map. (w) 3C405. Peak 108.
 Contours (Jy) at -2, 2, 4, . . . 10, 15, . . . 30, 40, . . . 100.

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