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   NED object is NGC 4649; Reference is 1986MNRAS.220..363S

   Figure 4. Contour map of the X-ray emission observed in the central region
 of the NGC 4649 based on the detection of ~300 photons by the HRI. The data
 has been smoothed with the instrunental point response function. The position
 of the radio core/optical nucleus of the galaxy is indicated (N) with an error
 bar corresponding to the uncertainty in the HRI pointing (+- 3.2 arcsec at the
 90 per cent confidence level). The locations of possible point sources are
 indicated by the crosses. The lowest contour represents a surface brightness
 of 5.4 x 10**(-6) ct s**(-1) arcsec**(-2) which is 25 per cent of the peak
 surface brightness and 4{sigma} above background. The remaining contour levels
 increment by 10 per cent of the peak value.				                            

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