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14. A1

The metallic lines are stronger than at class A0. The blend Mn I 4030-4034 is first well seen in this class. The line lambda 4385 is stronger relative to lambda 4481 than in class A0.


Star MKK a delta m HD

gamma Gem....... AI V 06:31 +16°29' 1.9 A0
a CMa....... AI V 06:40 -16 35 -1.6 A0
a Gem A... AI V 07:28 +32 06 2.0 A0
beta UMA..... AI V 10:55 +56 55 2.4 A0

The luminosity class was determined from the appearance of the wings of the hydrogen lines. It is possible that the wings are slightly less pronounced in the spectrum of gamma Gem than in the other stars listed.