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10.4. Atomic Data

A multitude of links to databases containing atomic and molecular data can be found at, in .../amdata/ampdata/otherdb.html or .../~esmond/amdata.html.

The ``Opacity Project'' (OP) at offers extensive atomic data required to estimate stellar envelope opacities.

The original implementation of the ``Vienna Atomic Line Data Base'' (VALD; Piskunov et al. (1995) is available at The VALD manual (at is part of a summary of ``Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics'' (DBfAPP) of the Weizmann Institute (see An updated and improved interface for VALD is under construction (at, though actual data traffic will continue to be handled via e-mail. This page will include all necessary links including documentation, registration form, requests forms and examples. Send inquiries to F. Kupka (email: