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10.6. Astronomy Education on the Internet

Given that the Internet offers almost unlimited possibilities for interactive courses, more and more of these can be found on the web, see e.g. [Benacchio et al. (1998)]. The ``AstroEd'' page, at, provides links to on-line astronomy education resources and some on-line courses. The National Research Council's project ``Resources for Involving Scientists in Education'' (RISE) features a web site at An interesting example is given by the University of Oregon (, where an astronomy book is being developed in ``hypertext''. A further advantage of these ``books'' is their potential of being kept up-to-date by a groups of professionals.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) organized an educational programme called ``Astronomy On-line'' in December 1997. Its web pages are still available at ([Albrecht et al. (1998)]).