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6.3. Preprint Lists from NRAO and STScI

Although the LANL/SISSA server has become very popular recently, there are still a large number of preprints being distributed only on paper. The ideal places to get reasonably complete listings of these are the following.

The STEPsheet (``Space Telescope Exhibited Preprints'') is a list of all preprints received during the last two weeks at the STScI and is prepared by its librarian, Sarah Stevens-Rayburn. It is delivered by email, and subscription requests should be sent to Each list contains well over 100 titles. Note that the preprints themselves are not distributed by the STScI librarian and must be requested from the individual authors. The full current STScI database contains everything received in the last several years, along with all papers received since 1982 and not yet published. Both databases are searchable at

The RAPsheet (``Radio Astronomy Preprints'') is a listing of all preprints received in the Charlottesville library of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in the preceding two weeks (contact: Interested persons should request copies of preprints from the authors. The tables of contents of all incoming journals and meeting proceedings are perused in order to find published references and to update the records. A database of preprints received since 1986, along with their added references, and including unpublished ones since 1978, is also searchable at