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6.6. ``Grey Literature'': Newsletters, Observatory Publications, etc.

A compilation of links to various astronomical newsletters is provided by P. Eenens at In 1994/95, Cathy Van Atta at NOAO (now retired) and a few others prepared a list of astronomical Newsletters. S. Stevens-Rayburn (STScI) has put this list on URL and invites volunteers to complete and update the information. A catalogue of over 4,000 individual Observatory Publications, ranging from the 18th century to the present, has been prepared by Brenda Corbin and is available from within the USNO Library Online Catalog ``Urania'' (click on ``Library Resources'' at

A list of IAU Colloquia prepared by STScI librarian S. Stevens-Rayburn is offered at A Union List of Astronomy Serials II (ULAS II) compiled by Judy L. Bausch can be searched at It provides information on ~ 2300 (primarily) non-commercial publications of observatories and institutions concerned with research in astronomy. For each item, it lists the holding records of 42 contributing libraries, representing the most comprehensive astronomical collections in North America, with selected holdings from China, Europe, India, and South America as well.

A database of book reviews in astronomy from 1987 to the present has been prepared by Marlene Cummins and is available at