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Since about 1990, the librarian at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT, Hawaii), E. Bryson, has maintained a list of forthcoming astronomical meetings, including those back to Sept. 1996, at the URL One may subscribe to receive updates of this list of meetings by request to It is now the most complete reference in the world for future astronomy meetings. Organizers of meetings should send their announcements to to guarantee immediate and world-wide diffusion. Official meetings of the IAU and some other meetings of interest to astronomers are announced in the IAU Information Bulletin (see A list of all past IAU Symposia is available at

Probably the most complete collection of job advertisements in astronomy is the ``AAS Job Register'' at The European Astronomical Society (EAS) maintains a Job Register at STARJOBS is an electronic notice board maintained at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The service is co-sponsored by the EAS and includes announcements of all European astronomical jobs notified to the Starlink astronomical computing project (telnet to, login as starjobs). One can also copy (via ftp) the complete list of jobs as the file For employment opportunities in the Space Industry consult the URL The AstroWeb offers links to job offers at