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Table 1 (remarks)

No. Remarks

87 Position of larger member. Arm appears wrapped around cylindrical comp.
88 Incipient spiral in arm.
89 Position of larger spiral. Absorption lanes in comp. Diffuse arm extends beyond comp.
90 N opposite tab mark on picture. Absorption lanes around comp.(35)
91 N at top of picture. Broad pec. arm to comp., then absorption: faint extension from comp.
92 Very faint connection shows better in red.
93 Long faint plume bifurcates from arm, E comp. in other arm. Suggested rotation of axis of spiral.
94 Comp. on edge of large, very faint loop extending opposite galaxy. Light line E-W is plate defect. (25)
95 Star-like condensation in spiral. Connection to E galaxy inferred, not seen.
96 Faint diffuse counter arm, and arm leading to companion.
98 High surface brightness S inside spiral, similar to 96.
99 Connection not seen, but note difference in arms toward and away from E galaxy. Note also material between West spiral and E galaxy.
100 Radio source M00-11 is 1m.6 E.
102 VV position wrong. Note loop E side of spiral; diffuse, very faint connection to E galaxy.
103 Incomplete connection, blue knots in southern member.(18)(43)(45)
104 Known as Keenan's system. (32) (44)
105 Supernova found in disk of spiral. (5)(44)(45)(46)
107 Double arm leads to E gal., diffuse material out other side of E galaxy.
108 Third arm leads toward E companion.
110 Arm bent at root.
111 E galaxy apparently bending arm at root.
114 Sprial somewhat pec., may be perturbed. See No. 25.
115 Object slightly S of northern gal. is just perceptibly non-stellar.
116 Absorption heavier on spiral side away from E galaxy.
117 Flattening of spiral's nucleus appears to be in different plane than arms.
118 Arms and loops seem attracted to E galaxy.
119 Some material seems attracted, some repelled.
120 E galaxy breaking up a spiral. (19)(25)(30)
121 E galaxy warping spiral.
122 Herc. cluster. (3)
123 Faint parallel feature on opposite side from S0 galaxy.

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