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Table 1 (remarks)

No. Remarks

264 Faint diffuse outer material.
265 Resolution of stars or knots.
266 Resolution into knots, bright knot at S end. (19)
267 Semi-stellar nucleus, faint oval ring outside.
268 Resolution of stars. Note linear loop of emission regions.
269 Resolution of knots, emission regions and dust lanes only.
270 Note arc form of emission knots. (32)(35)
271 Arms linked. Note bifurcation in arm of N spiral.
272 Arms join at dense knot or nucleus. Herc. cluster. (3)(19)
273 Position of large spiral. Bright long well defined arms, but, smooth, not patchy.
274 Perturbation of arm by small galaxy to east.
276 Both intersecting edges seem dimmed.
277 Resolution of knots.
278 Diffuse material between galaxies, many internal absorption lanes.
281 Knots resolved with 48-inch. Diffuse counter tail on companion. (3)(24)(25)(29)(33)(40)
282 Companion appears to rain into nucleus of spiral.
283 Arc of barely resolved knots curves into nucleus of larger galaxy.
284 Some very small knots in connecting streamer. (32)
285 Narrow tail leads away from northern nucleus.
286 Connection not visible.
287 Slanted parallel streamers off each edge of main galaxy.
288 Streamers in both directions from edge of spiral.
289 Very faint diffuse streamers.
290 VV position incorrect.
291 Main body has cylindrical appearance.
292 Position of central object. Edge-on Sa, some indication of absorption streaming off edges.
293 Position of larger galaxy. Companion NW. Diffuse arc SE of brighter galaxy.
294 Peculiar filaments. (35)
295 SW gal. is IC 1505. Polarized bridge. (6)(32)(44)
296 Long st. filament almost to attachment with arm of spiral.
297 Postion of larger spiral. Companion on arm has long tail extending westward.
298 Absorption, knots. Note apparent re-entrant spiral arm on southern galaxy.
299 Bright internal knots.
300 Position between pair. Note elongated feature pointing toward nucleus of larger spiral.
303 Position between pair.
305 Segment breaking from arm of S gal., weak filaments reach to N gal., which has figure 8 loops.
306 VV position. Resolution; diffuse, hooked countertail.
307 Position between pair. Possibly not interacting.

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