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Picture 2

2. In the center of this second illustration we see a square 1.5 centimeters on each side and in it the picture of the opposite page to one-tenth size, for the sake of comparison. Shown to the same scale are two automobiles, a smaller and a larger type, and also a strange object which at first we hardly recognize as the front part of a whale. A long and unlikely story would certainly be needed to make the presence of a whale at this place and time plausible or even possible. For our present purpose, however, we shall not be held back by such considerations; our aim in putting the poor dead whale there lying on its side is only to enable us to compare the size of the young human being with one of the largest living creatures, also a mammal. Later this will enable us to observe in how many of the domains of scale living creatures occur.

1 cm. in picture = 100 cm. = 1 meter in actuality.
Scale = 1:100 = 1:102