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Picture -2

-2. To see this picture, taken from a height of only 5 millimeters, we should need a microscope. Again there is a member of the animal kingdom visible: one of the water mites we saw on the previous drawing, a cyclops (1). This is again not the most likely thing to happen, that it would lie thus comfortably with its feelers over the edge of the cut in the girl's finger, but it could happen! In the section of the skin we notice the horny keratin layer (2) on top. Under it is the Malpighian layer (3) with its numerous cells and the orifice of a sweat duct (4). Under that lies the Corium (5) with its nerve papillae (6), small blood vessels (7), and fat cells (8). We see how the mosquito's proboscis (9) sticks into the skin. In the smaller of the two quarter circles in the right hand bottom corner we can now just see the bacterium (10).

1 cm. in picture = 0.01 cm. = 10-2 cm.
Scale = 100:1 = 102