Explanatory Notes

Explanatory Notes

The X and Y coordinates refer to the Version 2 drizzled mosaic obtained from here.

The magnitudes are on the ST system. They correspond to a flux per wavelength interval (as opposed to AB magnitudes which are a measure of flux per frequency interval). In this system, a magnitude of M=0 is equivalent to of 3.63E-12 W/m2/Å in all bands. In these web pages (and tables), a magnitude of 33.000 means no detection.

The graphs show the photometry converted into fluxes as squares. If an object was not detected in a band, this is denoted by an arrow indicating an upper limit. The best fitting template is shown as a solid line. The dotted line indicates the limiting fluxes in the various bands. When comparing the the templates to the fluxes remember that the fitting is weighted by the uncertainty on each of the fluxes. Also, points with no detection are given no weight.

The colour images of each galaxy are sub-sections of a the full scale publicity image from STScI

The black and white postage stamp images are from the FITS mosaic. They are shown on a logarithmic scale, renormalized to the brightest pixel. This means that it is sometimes difficult to compare a galaxies appearance in different bands.

Each postage stamp is a clickable map leading to the pages for nearby galaxies.

References for the spectroscopic redshifts are as follows:

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