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Table 2 lists 40 other nearby groups whose distance moduli are between 30.2 and 31.2. The apparent distribution is shown in figure 4. The survey is believed to be substantially complete to µ0 = 31.0 (Delta = 16 Mpc) (see Section 7.1).

Figure 4

Figure 4. Apparent distribution of nearly groups (30.2 leq µ0 leq 31.2) in supergalctic coordinates.

Table 4 lists the five brightest members. Some further remarks follow:

G15. Cetus I cloud. - Includes NGC 1052 and NGC 1068 groups.

G16, G21, G22. NGC 1566, NGC 1433, NGC 1672 groups. - Parts of Dorado cloud complex. The mean velocity of the NGC 1433 group depending on two velocities only is uncertain. No velocity is available as yet for the southern group NGC 1672, which is partly covered by the Large Magellanic Cloud.

G17, G24, G28, G32, G34. UMa I (Z, Y, X, S, N) groups and clouds. - Parts of UMa I cloud complex. UMa I (N) and UMa I (S) are merely the northern and southern halves of the same cloud at µ0 = 30.7-30.8 and north of the supergalactic plane, while UMa I (X) and UMa I (Y) are apparently distinct subclouds of a nearer cloud at µ0 = 30.5-30.6 and south of the same plane. UMa I (Z), the southernmost grouping in the great UMa cloud complex, is actually closer to the CVn II cloud in both direction and distance (µ0 = 30.3).

G18, G19, G25. Virgo S, Virgo E, and Virgo S'. - Parts of Virgo I cluster. For detailed analyses of the Virgo cluster and discussions of possible foreground and background objects see Reaves (1956), de Vaucouleurs (1961c), >Holmberg (1961). (2)

G20, G26, G35. Virgo Y, Virgo X, Virgo V. - Parts of Virgo II cloud complex.

G46 Virgo W group. - Includes the W', Wa, Wb subgroups (see de Vaucouleurs 1961c) in the background of the Virgo I cluster.

G27 Grus cloud (de Vaucouleurs 1956a; Shobbrook 1966). - Possible foreground object: IC 5332 (in Sculptor group?).

G29 Virgo III cloud. - Includes NGC 5566 and NGC 5713 groups.

G31. Eridanus cloud. - Includes NGC 1209 and NGC 1332 groups.

G33. Cetus II cloud. - Includes NGC 0584 and NGC 0681 groups.

G36. NGC 2207 group. - This little-known southern group in low Galactic latitudes has the highest supergalactic latitude of all the nearby groups.

G39. NGC 0134 group. - This group is close to the South Galactic Pole and in the vacant center of the much nearer Sculptor group (G1).

G42, G43, G47, G48, G54. NGC 2964, NGC 3396, NGC 3190, NGC 3245. - Parts of Leo II cloud complex.

G45. Pavo-Indus cloud. - Includes NGC 7079 and NGC 7213 groups. Foreground: NGC 7090 (V0 = +730 km/sec), IC 5152 (V0 = +31 km/sec), IC 5201. Background: NGC 6970 (V0 = +5440 km/sec).

G50. NGC 5846 group. - see de Vaucouleurs (1960a).

G51. NGC 6643 group. - Foreground NGC 6503 (V0 = +279 km/sec); background NGC 6621 (V0 = +6490 km/sec).

G53. Fornax I cluster. - NGC 1316 (V0 = +1715 km/sec), NGC 1365 (V0 = +1571 km/sec), possibly in foreground? (see de Vaucouleurs 1956a; Hodge 1959, 1960).

2 For a more recent discussion see G. and A. de Vaucouleurs (1973). Back.

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