SILVER Ag Z = 47

This element was known to ancient civilizations. The Latin name for silver is argentum.

Ionization energies
AgI 7.6 eV, AgII 21.5 eV, AgIII 34.8 eV.

Absorption lines of AgI
In the sun, the equivalent width of AgI 3281 (M.1-resonance line) is 0.044.

Behavior in non-normal stars
Ag was first detected in stars by Merrill (1947), who found it in one S-type star.

Jaschek and Brandi (1972) detected AgI in one Ap star of the Cr-Eu-Sr subgroup.

There exist two stable isotopes of this element, namely Ag107 and Ag109, which occur in the solar system with frequencies 52% and 48% respectively. There exist also 25 short-lived isotopes and isomers.

Ag107 and Ag109 are produced by both the r process and the s process.

Published in "The Behavior of Chemical Elements in Stars", Carlos Jaschek and Mercedes Jaschek, 1995, Cambridge University Press.