CALIFORNIUM Cf      Z = 98

This element was produced in 1950 by S. G. Thompson, K. Street, A. Ghiorso and G. T. Seaborg in Berkeley, California, USA. Its name comes from the state of California.

Ionization energies

CfI 6.3 eV.

Cf has not been observed in stars. Marginal evidence for its production in supernova explosions comes from the supernova light curves (Burbidge et al. 1957).


Cf is a short-lived element. It has 12 isotopes, of which the longest lived have a half life of 900 years (Cf251) and 60.5 days (Cf254).


Cf is produced by the r process.

Published in "The Behavior of Chemical Elements in Stars", Carlos Jaschek and Mercedes Jaschek, 1995, Cambridge University Press.