Annu. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. 1989. 27: 139-59
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5.16 Draco

Draco is probably the most thoroughly studied, as well as the most uninteresting, of the Local Group dwarf galaxies. It was the first for which a CMD was obtained [by Baade & Swope (15), who also studied, its RR Lyrae variables]. Spectrophotometry by Zinn (134) showed that its abundances were very low, a result that confirmed earlier photometry (8, 22, 27, 56). Aaronson et al. (3) found three carbon stars, and Azzopardi et al. (10) found a fourth candidate. Like Ursa Minor, there seems to be a range of metals abundance in Draco but no evidence that there was an extended period of latter-day star formation.