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11.5 Summary

We find that the methods described here yield extragalactic distances that are consistent with their expected level of performance. Direct comparisons of the methods for either individual galaxies or groups of galaxies show surprisingly good agreement. Conversely, we do not find any evidence for a discrepancy in the extragalactic distance scale.

We find some evidence that the Tully-Fisher relation yields distances that differ from the early-type galaxy indicators due to true spatial separations of the galaxy populations. Consequently, distances based on this method must be interpreted in that context.

We derive Hubble constants in the range of 73-90 using a variety of approaches based on these distance techniques.

We wish to thank Drs. Paul Hodge, Paul Schechter, Sidney van den Bergh, and Sidney Wolff for their critical reading of an earlier version of this paper and providing an enormous number of suggested improvements. We are also grateful to Drs. Peter Conti, Tod Lauer, and Mark Phillips for numerous helpful discussions.