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Of the 28 sources in our complete radio catalogue, 21 are located outside the region of the Hubble Deep Field. Twenty of the sources are covered by a Palomar 5-M image (Steidel, private communication) which allows identifications down to R = 25.5, and 12 of these are included in one of the Hubble flanking fields. We were able to identify 16 of the 20 sources with optical counterparts between R magnitudes 18 and 24 on the Palomar image, five of which appear to have ISO counterparts at 6.7 microns (Goldschmidt et al. 1997). The optical counterparts of the identified sources in the region surrounding the HDF are a mixture of galaxy types, and includes one relatively bright (R = 18.1) nearby (z = 0.08) face-on spiral, HFF 3637+1135, with a radio luminosity of about 1021 W/Hz. Two of the radio sources in the region surrounding the HDF are variable, suggesting the presence of an AGN. One is unidentified on the Palomar image and has R > 25.