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Adelman and Snijders (1974) published a bibliography of atomic line identification lists which supplements the material in the Ultraviolet and Revised Multiplet Tables (Moore 1945, 1950, 1952, 1962) and in Kelly and Palumbo (1973). The bibliography contains references with wavelengths in the 911 Å to 8250 Å region. Most of the references in this supplement have been published since June 1974 and are concerned with the first four spectra of all elements. References to higher spectra of astrophysical importance are included in this paper which were not in the original paper among the light and iron-peak elements.

New entries are made for the revised edition of Meggers, Corliss, and Scribner (1975) when additional data are given. For Rb I, Sr I, and Mo I, no new entries have been made as the material appears to be identical with that in the 1962 edition. No comments are made on which other sources are to be deleted from Adelman and Snijders (1974) as in most cases it can be determined by examining the newer material. Each reference lists the wavelength range covered and the type of paper: NMT = multiplet table, A = analysis, RA = revised analysis, EA = extension of the analysis, W = line list, TC = temperature classification, and CL = classified lines. In all cases, the user should examine the references to ascertain their quality.

Since 1974, several publications of related interest have appeared. Hagan's (1977) "Bibliography on Atomic Energy Levels and Spectra, June 1971 through June 1975" contains references to a wider variety of papers than this study. In addition, atomic energy level compilations of iron peak (Reader and Sugar 1975; Corliss and Sugar 1977; Sugar and Corliss 1977) and rare-earth elements (Martin, Zalubas, and Hagan 1978) have been published as well as updated multiplet tables and atomic energy level compilations of N I - N III and of O I (Moore 1975, 1976). Furthermore, Adelman, Shore, and Nasson (1977) have published "An Astronomically Oriented Bibliography of Atomic Autoionization", Fuhr, Martin, and Specht (1975) "Bibliography on Atomic Line Shapes and Shifts (July 1973 through May 1975)", Fuhr, Miller, and Martin (1978) "Bibliography on Atomic Transition Probabilities (1914 through October 1977)", and Heilig (1977) "Bibliography on Experimental Optical Isotope Shifts 1918 through October 1976". Finally there is "A Finding List for the Multiplet Tables of NSRDS-NBS 3, Sections 1-7" by Adelman, Adelman, and Fischel (1977).

I wish to thank Drs. L. Hagan, W. C. Martin, M. A. J. Snijders, and R. Zalubas and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Kitt Peak National Observatory Libraries for their assistance. This work was supported in part by NSF Grants AST 76-06233 and AST 78-25395.

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