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Adelman & Snijders (1974) compiled a bibliography of atomic line identification studies to supplement the data contained in the Ultraviolet and Revised Multiplet Tables (Moore 1945, 1950, 1952, 1962) and Kelly & Palumbo (1973) for the wavelength region 911-8250 Å and the first four spectra of all elements. Four supplements (Adelman 1978, 1983, 1989, 1996) also included references to the fifth and sixth spectra of key elements through the iron peak. This bibliography is intended as a guide to the atomic spectroscopic literature for those investigators who identify atomic lines in stellar spectra in the ultraviolet and optical regions. Table 1 lists references found in the literature since the last supplement was completed in 1995 June. Each entry indicates the wavelength region covered in Å unless otherwise noted and the type of reference: A = analysis, AW = very accurate wavelengths, C = compilation, CL = classified lines, EA = extension of analysis, ID = improved data, IS = isotopic shifts, NMT = new multiplet table, RA = revised analysis, TC = temperature classification, and W = wavelength list. The reader is advised to examine each reference to determine its quality. The analyses of Co I (Pickering & Thorne 1996) and Co II (Pickering 1998) in particular deserve the reader's special attention. Three sites on the Internet which contain information concerning lists of atomic lines are those of NIST, 1 the Vienna Atomic Line Database (VALD), 2 and IAU Commission 14. 3

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3IAU Commission 14:

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