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Table 9 presents the detailed surface brightness profiles and growth curves for our primary targets. We note that the values listed in Table 9 have not been corrected for foreground extinction. We felt that this photometry is most useful to the community as measured from the images, without our assumptions regarding extinction. The values for each bandpass are truncated at the radius where the profiles flatten, or in some cases based on visual inspection of the image. For some objects the UV light curves are still rising at radii for which the profiles should have flattened, due to image defects within the UIT images which can add net positive flux to the larger annuli. For images lacking an absolute calibration (all are Halpha or R-band data) the relative magnitudes are indicated as such by an italic font. Mismatches between the UV and optical-band point spread functions render color comparisons within r ~ 5" unreliable.

Table 9. Growth Curve Photometry

This table is available only on-line as a machine-readable table.
Table 9

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