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E. Where we stand on theory

The evolution of cosmic structure is a complex nonlinear process driven mainly by the force of gravity. The simplicity of the underlying driving mechanism, Newtonian attraction, and the fact that we see simple power law scaling, leads us to believe that the process of how large scale cosmic structure is organized can be understood. What is missing is a clear methodology for this, and it is certain that we shall to borrow tools and methods from other branches of physics. This is of course easier said than done since the driving force, gravity, has infinite range and is always attractive.

Two approaches look promising at this time. There is the numerical Renormalization group simulations of Peebles and Couchman. Then there are the analytic models: the Void Hierarchy models of Sheth and van de Weygaert and the Peak Patch model of Bond and Myers. The Random Heat Equation model of Jones and the Schrodinger Equation approach of Widrow and Kaiser remain to be fully evaluated.