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Many questions remain to be solved regarding the physics within superwinds, and their larger cosmological impact on galaxies and the IGM. Nevertheless, we have a good physical understanding of how SNe within starbursts drive galactic-scale superwinds. The standard superwind conceptual model is almost two decades old, but modern observation validate it far more often than not. Future research in this area, in particular the transition between starburst activity (with superwinds) and "normal" galaxies (with or without galactic fountains), will strengthen our understanding of the interplay between SF, stars, and the ISM in regulating galaxy assembly, structure and evolution.

I would like to thank my principal collaborators on the work mentioned in this contribution: E. Colbert, M. Dahlem, T. Heckman, C. Hoopes, I. Stevens and K. Weaver. This work has been supported by grants from the Chandra Fellowship and GO programs.