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3.3. NGC5128 - CenA

This galaxy is probably the result of mergers, and consequently it is somewhat like a mixture between an elliptical and a spiral. Four X-ray sources outside the WFPC2 FOV are coincident with globular clusters (Kraft et al. 2001; Minniti et al. 2004). 70% of the globular cluster sources have luminosities in excess of 1037 erg s-1. There is no indication that any of them are black hole binaries. The globular cluster X-ray sources are preferentially found in massive globular clusters. Most of the globular clusters which harbor a luminous X-ray source have red colors (metal-rich). NGC5128 is at a low galactic latitude; there is a lot of foreground extinction. This makes it difficult to get reliable optical data on globular clusters.