To be published in "The Spectral Energy Distribution of Gas-Rich Galaxies: Confronting Models with Data", Proceedings of the International Workshop held 4-8 October 2004 in Heidelberg, eds. Cristina C. Popescu and Richard J. Tuffs, AIP Conf. Ser.

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GALEX: Galaxy Evolution Explorer

Barry F. Madore

Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena CA 91101,

Abstract. We review recent scientific results from the Galaxy Evolution Explorer with special emphasis on star formation in nearby resolved galaxies.

Table of Contents

The Satellite
The Prime Mission

NGC 0253 and M82
M31, M32 and M33: Radial Gradients
M83: Extinction and Extended UV Disks
M101: UV Leakage and Recent Star Formation
Interacting Galaxies and Tidal tails