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Our series of review papers both appears as a special volume of Space Science Reviews, as well as in the form of a book published by Springer. One of the hardest items to resolve was to find a catchy title for the book. At our last meeting in June 2007 we had a long and lively discussion about it without a clear outcome. Only shortly before the deadline we converged to the title of the book (which was taken also as the title of this chapter / paper). While discussing what is beyond the thermal view, we spend of course also quite some time on thermal emission. It is obvious that without a thorough understanding of the thermal aspects of the cluster gas, it is not well possible to go beyond. But in this series of reviews we hope to demonstrate that cluster physics is a rich subject, and that there is more beyond galaxies, dark matter, and "just" hot gas with only one interesting parameter, its temperature (well, and its emission measure), needed to estimate cluster masses. We go beyond this, and present non-thermal emission, shocks, magnetic fields, chemical enrichment, and all the other interesting processes shown on the front cover of the book. Also, we go beyond the - somewhat diffuse - physical boundaries of clusters to the warm-hot intergalactic medium with all its interesting astrophysical aspects. We hope that our book and the individual papers help the readers also to go beyond what is written here, and we invite them to explore the topics of this book further and to advance our understanding of them.