ISO LWS Observation Notes

(1)  Name of object given by observer.

(2)  Target Dedicated Time (TDT) identifies each observation taken by ISO. It has a form of RRRSSSOO where RRR=revolution number, SSS=sequence number within the revolution, and OO=observation number within the observer's proposal. This is useful for archival data recovery.

(3)  The Astronomical Observation Template (AOT); the observing mode of the instrument. L01=full grating "range scan" from 43-197um with resolution, R=200 for 10 detectors. L02=grating "line scans" of up to 10 lines between 43-197um with R=200 for 10 detectors.

(4)  The Off-Line Processing (OLP) Pipeline Version Number.

(5)  The ISO observer identification given as the first letter of the observer's first name and their last name.

(6)  The ISO proposal name, as given by the observer. This is useful for archival data recovery.