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2.1.5. Baryons in Stars and Remnants

With the above numbers the mean mass densities in our three classes of stars and their associated remnants are

Equation 10 (10)
Equation 11 (11)
Equation 12 (12)

in units of the critical density rhocrit = 2.775 x 1011 h2 Msun Mpc-3. Here and below the upper (lower) errors are obtained by taking all errors in each step to maximize (minimize) the result. In this sense the error ranges are conservative. The numbers in equations (10)-(12) depend through the M/L calculation on age estimates, and hence depend on the Hubble constant h and other cosmological parameters in a complicated way. If dynamics were used to estimate M/L the estimates of Omega would not depend on h, but in that case h approx 0.7 would be needed for dynamics to agree with the synthesis calculations. Either way, consistency holds for h approx 0.7 in a low density universe.