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10b. Circular (Ring) Spiral Arms and One-Armed Spirals

AM 0619-271

On page 10.3 we give examples where the spiral arms are wound almost into a detached circle. Morphologically this sub-category is obviously related to the case of one-armed spirals where the one arm can be seen through many turns. Such objects are illustrated on pages 10.5 and 10.6 with objects AM 2051-441 and AM 0552-324, respectively. On page 10.7 we show some examples of one-armed spirals where the arm is quite open and long. The examples then lead to spirals with two arms where one arm is much more pronounced than the other. On page 10.10, object AM 1239-402 is unusual in that it shows bright, narrow spiral arms wound with very shallow pitch angle. The last three objects on page 10.10 and the object on page 10.11 show double arms coming off one end of a bar. The phenomenon of narrow, parallel, double arms is quite striking. The object on page 10.11 is AM 1001-371 and is reproduced from a 4m CTIO plate (1399A). On page 10.12 the print of AM 0856-674 is also from an exposure (1386A) taken with the same telescope. This latter object is unusual for having very circular but nevertheless intersecting arms. The last page, 10.13, shows some miscellaneous peculiar spiral arms: AM 2117-400 is a barred spiral with strikingly different inner and outer arms, AM 1939-515 has a straight arm, perhaps due to an interaction with neighbouring companions. In object AM 2300-263 the western-most galaxy has an extremely faint, relatively large ring around it which should be studied on superposition plates or with linear detectors.

AM 0619-271 picture AM 1319-271 picture AM 1452-234 picture
AM 2249-291 picture AM 1259-423 picture AM 1307-461 picture
AM 2116-395 picture AM 1039-283 picture AM 2050-441 picture
AM 0552-324 picture AM 2206-380 picture AM 1403-300 picture
AM 2131-562 picture AM 0411-254 picture AM 2350-302 picture
AM 1518-862 picture AM 0355-603 picture AM 2100-280 picture
AM 0547-471 picture AM 1400-221 picture AM 0306-702 picture
AM 2349-635 picture AM 1028-362 picture AM 0857-685 picture
AM 1207-292 picture AM 2144-504 picture AM 1830-574 picture
AM 0110-503 picture AM 2211-274 picture AM 0435-394 picture
AM 1858-565 picture AM 0227-264 picture AM 1913-673 picture
AM 1239-402 picture AM 1342-355 picture AM 1922-602 picture
AM 1046-310 picture AM 0636-662 picture AM 1001-370 picture
AM 0855-674 picture AM 1033-280 picture AM 1939-515 picture
AM 2301-263 picture AM 0445-572 picture

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