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AM 1029-343

Only spirals that have peculiarities in the main body of the galaxy have been placed in Category 12. There are a large number of different kinds of peculiarities shown in the few illustrations given in this photographic section. The comments in Volume I will identify the particular peculiarity placing a galaxy in this Category. On page 12.1 the spiral shows a nuclear region that is rectangular in cross section. The next galaxy AM 1234-415, shows a condensation, presumably of stars, projected onto, or actually in, the bar of a barred spiral. Following this, the barred spiral AM 0421-404 at first sight seems normal; closer inspection however shows that the bar is not straight or symmetrical but slightly curved. The outer distorted ring in AM 1029-343 is of quite high surface brightness. In AM 2001-602 there is a faint outer ring around the bright inner arcs of the galaxy. The succeeding pages show various highly disturbed objects which are just recognizable as possible spiral galaxies.

On page 12.4 we see AM 1843-651 which has a very-high-surface brightness disk and a very low-surface-brightness halo; the following page gives four more examples of this phenomenon. Some miscellaneous objects are found on page 12.6, including AM 0119-341, which has relatively bright, compact condensations in its disk. In AM 1505-253, aside from the straight arrangement of stellar and non-stellar appearing objects, the nucleus inside the ring of spiral structure is relatively small. On the final page illustrating this Category are two dwarf systems; both AM 0311-252 and AM 0510-330 show spiral patterns but no sign of a nucleus.

AM 0902-680 picture AM 1234-415 picture AM 0421-404 picture
AM 1029-343 picture AM 0041-502 picture AM 2001-602 picture
AM 2254-373 picture AM 2232-510 picture AM 0311-573 picture
AM 0431-434 picture AM 2033-512 picture AM 1457-370 picture
AM 0448-320 picture AM 0215-350 picture AM 0335-244 picture
AM 0055-464 picture AM 0407-612 picture AM 2255-475 picture
AM 1843-651 picture AM 2017-482 picture AM 0236-273 picture
AM 1352-280 picture AM 1328-343 picture AM 1257-291 picture
AM 1038-465 picture AM 0531-270 picture AM 1037-404 picture
AM 1921-530 picture AM 0117-340 picture AM 1505-253 picture
AM 2002-480 picture AM 0311-252 picture AM 0510-330 picture

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