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AM 2210-262

Edge-on spiral galaxies normally show dust absorption, but such objects have generally not been listed in the present Category, unless the absorption is unusually strong or peculiar in some way. We start first with page 14.1 by illustrating some edge-on systems with strong, asymmetrical dust bands. In AM 1326-335 the band is slanted across the bulge of the galaxy. In AM 2210-262 the dust appears bifurcated on one end of the galaxy. On page 14.2, galaxy AM 1352-263 has a dust absorption feature underneath the plane of the disk. The object AM 2159-320 has strong dust absorption outside the nucleus in a bar, suggesting that it may run radially through the galaxy. On pages 14.3 and 14.4 a number of examples of E or spherical galaxies with dust are given. Some, like AM 1339-475 and AM 0633-625, give the impression that the central galaxy is prolate, a subject discussed by Bertola (1981a, 1981b).

AM 1326-340 picture AM 1839-571 picture AM 1108-363 picture
AM 2210-262 picture AM 1144-273 picture AM 2048-571 picture
AM 0131-364 picture AM 0532-524 picture AM 0923-335 picture
AM 1352-263 picture AM 2159-320 picture AM 2254-364 picture
AM 0655-671 picture AM 1339-475 picture AM 0219-343 picture
AM 0418-582 picture AM 1427-263 picture AM 2128-430 picture
AM 1307-464 picture AM 1341-265 picture AM 0632-625 picture
AM 0526-634 picture AM 1822-714 picture AM 2332-674 picture

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