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There are currently 36 known and probable galaxy members of the Local Group within a zero-velocity surface of 1.2 Mpc. Except for the three spiral galaxies M31, Milky Way, and M33, the irregular Large Magellanic Cloud, and the small elliptical galaxy M32 all other galaxies in the Local Group are dwarf galaxies with MV > - 18 mag. In this review I will concentrate on the properties of the interstellar medium (ISM) of the Magellanic Clouds and the Local Group dwarf galaxies, moving from gas-rich to gas-poor objects. Recent results from telescopes, instruments, and surveys such as NANTEN, ATCA, HIPASS, JCMT, ISO, ROSAT, FUSE, ORFEUS, STIS, Keck, and the VLT are significantly advancing our knowledge of the ISM in nearby dwarfs and provide an unprecedented, multi-wavelength view of its different phases. For a detailed review of the properties of all Local Group galaxies see [73].