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If the energy content of the jets in transient sources is dominated by electron-proton plasma as in SS433, Levinson and Waxman (2001) predict that an outburst of several hours of 1-100 TeV neutrinos should preceed the radio and infrared flares associated with major ejection events as the one observed by Mirabel & Ridríguez (1994) in GRS 1915+105. These high energy neutrinos are produced by the interaction of the high energy protons with synchrotron photons emitted by the shock-accelerated electron. These neutrinos would provide further probe of the microquasar jet physics.

Guetta et al. (2002) estimate the neutrino fluxes produced in the jets of a sample of identified microquasars and microquasar candidates. They demonstrate that in several of the sources considered, the neutrino flux at Earth, produced in events similar to those observed, can exceed the detection threshold of a km2 neutrino detector. Neutrino and gamma-ray emission may be the way to identify microquasars candidates with jets directed along our line of sight.