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Charts of about 300 Compact Galaxies in Clusters and Photographs of Selected Objects

Zw CL 0054.6-0127 Red and Neutral Compact Galaxies in Zw CL 0054.6-0127

(Compact, Near, Pop. 278)

Zw Cl 0152.0+3337 Red Compacts in Zw Cl 0152.0+3337

Medium Compact - Distant - Pop. 144

Zw Cl 0658.3+6320 Central Part of Zw Cl 0658.3+6320
Zw Cl
0658.3+6320 Peripheral Parts of Zw Cl 0658.3+6320
Zw Cl
1115.2+3013 Central Part of Zw Cl 1115.2+3013

(Medium Compact - near - pop. 950)

VII Zw 768 Variable compact galaxy VII Zw 768 = 3C371, at R.A. 18h7.2m, Decl. +69°49'.

Fig 1a. 1 minute exposure on IIa-0 plate shows the nucleus of 3C371 indistinguishable from stars.
Fig 1b. 164 minute exposure on IIIa-J plates shows faint halo around 3C371 and numerous compact galaxies nearby.
Fig 1c. Isodensitometer tracing of plate b) shows luminous intergalactic material [photos courtesy of H.C. Arp].

VII Zw 768 Fig d. 200-inch telescope plate, emulsion IIa-0 and exposure of 5 minutes, obtained by Zwicky on July 16, 1965 shows VII Zw 768 = 3C371 as a compact galaxy just distinguishable from stars of equal brightness.
Zw Cl
1710.4+6401 Zw Cl 1710.4+6401
Zw Cl
1700.5+3322 Zw Cl 1700.5+3322
Zw Cl
1700.5+3322 Compact Galaxies in Center of Zw Cl 1700.5+3322
Pegasus Dwarf Fig. 1. 200-inch telescope photograph of Zwicky Pegasus Dwarf galaxy, mp = 15.5, at R.A. 23h 26.0m, Decl. +14°27' and compact galaxy IV Zw 152 at R.A. 23h26.0m, Decl. +14°25'. Spectrum: Abs. H,K,G-band. <Vs> = 20640 km/sec.
Double galaxy at
R.A. 8<sup>h</sup>55.8<sup>m</sup>, Decl. +6°31' Fig. 2. Post-eruptive interconnected galaxy at R.A. 8h55.8m, Decl. +6°31'. Spectrum: Emission lines. <Vs> = 3556 km/sec.
I Zw 1 Fig. 3. 200-inch telescope photograph of variable, very bright compact galaxy I Zw 1 at R.A. 0h 51.0m, Decl. +12°25'. Spectrum: Broad emission lines. <Vs> = 18300 km/sec.
I Zw 96 Fig. 4. 200-inch telescope photograph of red post-eruptive globular compact galaxy I Zw 96, at R.A. 14h 43.3m, Decl. +51°35'. <Vs> ~ 27000 km/sec for I Zw 96 and associated members. [Courtesy H.C. Arp].
II Zw 14 Fig. 5. Variable compact galaxy II Zw 14 = 3C120= Bomega Tauri with extended halo (200 inch photograph) at R.A. 4h30.5m, Decl. +5°15'. Spectrum: Broad Emission lines. <Vs> = 9970 km/sec.
I Zw 187 Fig. 6. Variable compact galaxy I Zw 187 at R.A. 17h27.1m, Decl. +50°15'. Spectrum: Featureless blue continuum.
TON 256 Fig. 7. 48-inch Schmidt and 200-inch telescope photographs of compact galaxy "Tonantzintla 256" at R.A. 22h22.8m, Decl. -16°54'. Spectrum: Em. Balmer [OII], [OIII], [Ne III], [Ne V]. <Vs> = 39000 km/sec. (Courtesy H.C. Arp).
TON 256
Ba 264 Fig. 8. 48-inch Schmidt and 200-inch telescope photographs of Ba 264 at R.A. 12h59.5m, Decl. +32°22' (Courtesy H.A. Arp, see 1970 Ap.J. 162, 811). Spectrum: Em. Balmer, [OII], etc. <Vs> = 28500 km/sec.
IV Zw 29 Fig. 9. IV Zw 29 at R.A. 0h39.5m, Decl. +40°3' is the first variable compact and, actually the first variable galaxy ever found. Broad em. lines. <Vs> = 30780 km/sec. (200-inch photograph).
VII Zw 225 Fig. 10. VII Zw 225, post-eruptive galaxy with three compact nuclei at R.A. 8h15.4m, Decl. +67°35'. (Photo 48-inch Schmidt).
III Zw 77 Fig. 11. Compact galaxy III Zw 77 at R.A. 16h 22.1m, Decl. +41°12'. Spectrum: Em. Balmer, [OII], etc. <Vs> = 10250 km/sec. 200-inch telescope photo, emission IIa-0.
III Zw 102 Fig. 12. 200-inch telescope photo (emulsion IIa-0) of NGC 7625 = III Zw 102, at R.A. 23h18.0m, Decl. +16°57'. Post-eruptive distorted spiral. <Vs> = 1440 km/sec. Spectrum: Abs. Balmer; Em. Halpha, [OII], [NII].
NGC 7731 Fig. 13. NGC 7731, SB0 with compact core. R.A. 23h39.0m, Decl. +3°28'. <Vs> = 2852 km/sec. Photo 200", emulsion IIa-0. NGC 7732, "Pierced" Sc spiral, R.A. 23h39.1m, Decl. +3°27'.
Fig. 14 Fig. 14. Post-eruptive crossed galaxy (200-inch telescope plate) at R.A. 23h15.7m, Decl. +3°54'. Sc possibly pierced by compact galaxy or by object HADES, candidates for which there are several compacts NW of crossed galaxy.

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