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An updated catalog of sources is shown in Table 1 and is plotted in Figure 1. The criterion for inclusion in this catalog is that the detection should be significant and be published in the refereed literature. Four sources have been added since the last catalog (6). Of more significance perhaps is that three new classes of object are represented (starburst galaxies, radio galaxies, OB Associations). It is noteworthy that many of the sources listed are not in the EGRET Catalog (7), an indication that the TeV sky opens a new window on the universe. The allotted grade gives some measure of the credibility that should be assigned to the reported detections; "A" sources have been independently verified at the 5 sigma level. On this scale the EGRET sources would be classified as "B" (except for 3C273 which would be classified as "A" since it was also detected by COS B (8); (9)). In this new catalog the status of several of the TeV sources (marked with an asterisk) has been upgraded (and only one has been downgraded). This suggests that the field has achieved a degree of maturity and that systematic effects in most experiments (but perhaps not all) are understood and accounted for. We propose therefore that an acceptable standard for the publication of a claim for the detection of a new source by a mature experiment should be the 4 sigma level of significance.

Table 1: Source Catalog c.2003

TeV Catalog Source Type Discovery EGRET Grade
Name     Date/Group 3rd. Cat.  

TeV 0047-2518 NGC 253 Starburst 2003/CANG. no B*
TeV 0219+4248 3C66A Blazar 1998/Crimea yes C-
TeV 0535+2200 Crab Nebula SNR 1989/Whipple yes A
TeV 0834-4500 Vela SNR 1997/CANG. no C*
TeV 1121-6037 Cen X-3 Binary 1999/Durham yes C
TeV 1104+3813 Mrk421 Blazar 1992/Whipple yes A
TeV 1231+1224 M87 Radio Gal. 2003/HEGRA no C
TeV 1429+4240 H1426+428 Blazar 2002/Whipple no A*
TeV 1503-4157 SN1006 SNR 1997/CANG. no B*
TeV 1654+3946 Mrk501 Blazar 1995/Whipple no A
TeV 1710-4429 PSR 1706-44 SNR 1995/CANG. no A
TeV 1712-3932 RXJ1713.7-39 SNR 1999/CANG. no B+*
TeV 2000+6509 1ES1959+650 Blazar 1999/TA no A*
TeV 2032+4131 CygOB2 OB assoc. 2002/HEGRA yes B
TeV 2159-3014 PKS2155-304 Blazar 1999/Durham yes A*
TeV 2203+4217 BL Lacertae Blazar 2001/Crimea yes C*
TeV 2323+5849 Cas A SNR 1999/HEGRA no B*
TeV 2347+5142 1ES2344+514 Blazar 1997/Whipple no A*

CygOB2 lies within the 95% error ellipse of the EGRET source 3EG J0233+4118.

Figure 1

Figure 1. The 18 claimed sources of TeV gamma rays c. 2003; confirmed sources are drawn in red.

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