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A review on the UV upturn phenomenon may usually start with a following or similar definition: "a bump in the UV spectrum between the Lyman limit and 2500 Å is found virtually in all bright spheroidal galaxies" (e.g., Yi & Yoon 2004). This seems no longer true! While earlier studies based on a small sample of nearby galaxies led us to think so, a much greater sample from the recent GALEX database appears to disprove it. Only a small fraction of elliptical galaxies show a strong UV upturn and it is generally limited to the brightest cluster galaxies (Yi et al. 2005). This review is about the recent development on this seemingly-old topic. I recycle some of the contents in my earlier review given in the first Hot Subdwarf and Related Objects workshop held in Keele, UK (Yi & Yoon 2004). For a more traditional review, readers are referred to the articles of Greggio & Renzini (1999) and O'Connell (1999).