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PART VII. REFERENCES A. The Sources of the Redshifts

As explained in the introductory sections, we have used the original literature to determine the weighted mean redshifts listed in the main table in Part II of this volume. The sources, coded by number in Column 21 of the table, are identified here.

The references are given alphabetically from sources 1 through 361 as they were compiled to the middle of 1977. Later references were added as they became available, and these are listed in numerical order from sources 370 to 442.

For those galaxies where the number of references exceeds five, a single source-code, designated by n geq 500, is shown in Column 21 of the main table. Each separate reference for that galaxy is then listed after the n geq 500 number by its own code number in the main part of the source list that follows.