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4.3.2. FR I radio galaxies

FR Is generally have Liner-type spectra (Laing et al. 1994). However, two FR Is are known which have either a Seyfert 1 spectrum: S52116+81 ([249]) or a Seyfert 2 spectrum: PKS2014-55 ([212]; [388]); to the best of our knowledge, these are the only known cases. The other FR I emission line nebulae are extended (~ 5 kpc) ([76]); the emission lines are weak; the emission line luminosity does not correlate with the radio luminosity ([494]).

There are no obvious differences between the emission line spectra of radio quiet E galaxies, LERGs and most FR Is; FR I and radio quiet E galaxies of the same optical magnitude produce similar line luminosities ([363]; [494]).