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Category D - Systems Possibly Related to Polar-Ring Galaxies
(42 objects and 8 related classes)

While it is unlikely that these galaxies are polar-ring galaxies, or will ever become polar-ring galaxies, they share some characteristics with them implying that they may have had similar evolutionary histories. In addition to galaxies from our search, we also list classes of galaxies that might be related to polar-ring galaxies, or may be mistaken for polar-ring galaxies. These include:

- dust-lane ellipticals
- box, peanut and X-shaped bulges "Mayall-type" objects
- "smoke-ring" galaxies
- superpositions
- "theta" galaxies
- "Hoag-type" galaxies
- kinematically related objects

See the PRC for photographs of examples of galaxies in these classes, and for a discussion of how some of them might be related to polar rings.