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Many galaxies for which there was preexisting evidence for nuclear (or, at least, localized) rapid star-forming activity are strong IRAS sources. These include many of the non-Seyfert Markarian galaxies and the compact blue ``H II region'' galaxies like II Zw 40. A large number of papers incorporating IRAS observations have recently appeared (Gondhalekar et al. 1986; Hunter et al. 1986; Klein at al. 1986; Kunth and Sevre 1986; Sramek and Weedman 1986; Thronson and Telesco 1986; Wynn-Williams and Becklin 1986). The IRAS observations generally confirm that these galaxies have high star formation rates. Specifically, Kunth and Sevre (1986) find that blue, compact emission-line galaxies generally have higher IR/blue flux density ratios and higher 60 µm / 100 µm color temperatures than spiral galaxies in the Shapley-Ames catalog.