June-July 2017 Release Highlights

(Latest Revision: 20 July 2017)


Some objects that were assigned a SDSS-DR13 spectroscopic redshift as the highest-ranked ("preferred") value in the 2017 June NED release were later found to be inconsistent with previously established redshifts in NED. In the July 20 NED update, the preferred redshift for such objects have been returned to the values assigned prior to June 28, 2017. If you used redshifts or information derived from redshifts between June 29 and July 20, 2017, we encourage you to access NED again for the latest updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

It is important to note that as the volume, rate, and complexity of data flowing into NED grow, the team is continuously refining and vetting the results of rule-based algorithms that assign ranks and select "preferred" values of fundamental measurements such as the positions and redshifts that appear by default in object search results. Therefore, the highest ranked values will continue to change over time as new data are merged into the database and ranking criteria become more sophisticated via scientific vetting. Also, we encourage users interested in comparing the uncertainties, measurement methods and other metadata, or investigating potential physical differences among the individual measurements available from various survey catalogs and publications, to inspect the detailed data frames available in NED.

Database Contents

Tabular summaries of NED's current holdings are presented here.



3,231 new photometric data points integrated into SEDs, including:
  • RADIO : VLA fluxes from X-ray emission from star-forming galaxies - III. Calibration of the LX-SFR relation up to redshift z ~ 1.3 (Mineo, S. et al. 2014MNRAS.437.1698M)
  • VIS : VLT magnitudes from On the connection between the intergalactic medium and galaxies: the H I-galaxy cross-correlation at z <~ 1 (Tejos, Nicolas et al. 2014MNRAS.437.2017T)
  • XRAY : Chandra fluxes from First X-ray observations of low-power compact steep spectrum sources (Kunert-Bajraszewska, M. et al. 2014MNRAS.437.3063K)


  • 44 images from Powerful Activity in the Bright Ages. I. A Visible/IR Survey of High Redshift 3C Radio Galaxies and Quasars (Hilbert et al. 2016ApJS..225...12H)


  • 81,001 spectra from The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: survey design and first data release (Drinkwater et al. 2010MNRAS.401.1429D)
  • 64 spectra from Optical Spectra of a Complete Sample of Radio Sources. I. The Spectra (Lawrence et al. 1996ApJS..107..541L)

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