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Notes for object IC 2032

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1. 2003A&A...401..141L
Re:IC 2032
6.1.12. IC 2032 Not much is known about this dwarf, although it may be a
member of the Dorado group; see Carrasco et al. (2001) and references
therein. The H I properties of the galaxy have been studied and listed
in the survey by Huchtmeier et al. (2000a). There is a bright "shell"
of star formation, giving the galaxy a "cometary" appearance. The
spectrum presented here was taken with the east-west slit placed along
the northern part of the shell, but [O III],{lambda}4363 was not
detected. The resulting (bright-line) oxygen abundance (12+log(O/H) =
7.97) is the first ever published for this dwarf. The adopted
nitrogen-and neon-to-oxygen ratios are: log(N/O) = -1.37, and log(Ne/O)
= -0.21, respectively. The derived Ne/O ratio is somewhat large compared
to known values. However, the I([Ne III]{lambda}3869)/I(H{beta}) ratio
is comparable to that observed in the nearby dI IC 4662 in the Local
Volume (Heydari-Malayeri et al. 1990). Taking their published intensity
ratios and temperatures for IC 4662, the derived value of log(Ne/O)
would be about zero.

2. 1985SGC...C...0000C
Re:IC 2032
Plate 2661
Pretty faint bar, many bright and faint knots.

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