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Notes for object 2MASS J03331225-3619466

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1. 2003ApJ...599..155C
Re:MS 0331.3-3629
MS 0331-363.-An HST snapshot (Scarpa et al. 2000a; Urry et al. 2000)
resolved the host as a giant (r_e_ = 18.7 kpc) elliptical galaxy with
M_R_ = -24.3 mag and {mu}_e_ = 22.1 mag arcsec^-2^. We have made the
first detection of the host galaxy in the NIR, and it is the largest
galaxy (r_e_ = 8.5 kpc) of those we observed.

2. 2000AJ....120.1626R
Re:MS 0331.3-3629
MS 0331.3-3629.-The low-SNR spectrum of this BL Lac object in
Figure 1 is from the original EMSS identification program data. Despite
the modest spectral quality, a blue nonthermal component is clearly
present as is a Ca II break that slightly exceeds the original limit of
S91 for BL Lac objects. However, the classification of this source as a
BL Lac seems clear in that ROSAT HRI observations find a point source at
the radio galaxy location and several PSPC observations show that the
source has a count rate that varies by a factor of 2 and a steep X-ray
spectral index (see Table 1).

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